The Bridge Street School

Every day is a new day; great today better tomorrow


Libby Macpherson



t the Bridge Street School every young person should be given the opportunity to succeed in their learning and achieve to their full potential. Our aim is to prepare them for the future through a broad curriculum, combined with practical, vocational elements.

As a school we have high expectations. We work with KS2 - KS4 pupils from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of needs to help them to re-engage with education and for some, prepare for re-integration to mainstream school. We aim for every pupil to reach their full potential from both an academic and social/emotional point of view.

We offer a number of different curriculum pathways and experiences. Each of our learners is seen as an individual and support is tailored to meet their needs; this includes 1-2-1 specific interventions in core subjects for those who require that extra help. Staff at Bridge Street School are empathetic and understanding, they see potential, and our success rate mirrors their faith in our learners. To enable our students to flourish, we have a strong team designated to support our students regulate their emotions to build resilience and self-esteem.

We make a commitment to our students and never give up on them, to enable them to become the best version of themselves. Alongside our formal curriculum we offer a wider curriculum. The aim of which is to give pupils appropriate life experiences to develop as confident, responsible citizens. It provides a rich ‘cultural capital’ and appreciation of the wider world that prepares our pupils for life in modern Britain.