RESPECT Schools have high expectations our student’s uniform and presentation.
All schools and education provisions within RESPECT have a compulsory uniform for
all pupils.
Bridge Street expects all pupils to be in school uniform for all on and off site activities unless
special arrangements have been made.
Please can you take careful note of the below and support your child in following the dress

Uniform consists of:

  • Black/dark shoes/trainers with no visible marks or logos
  • Black/dark grey trousers/bottoms or skirt (of an appropriate length i.e. not revealing)
  • Black Polo shirt with/or without school logo
  • Black Jumper with school logo (if a jumper is worn it must have the school logo).

Further guidance:

  • Where pupils’ clothing does not meet the guidelines issued by school, the pupil will be provided with clean clothing by the school to change in to
  • If a pupil refuses to accept uniform provided by the School, then a phone call home will be made, and the parent/carer will be requested to either bring suitable uniform to school or ensure that the correct items of school dress code are worn the following day
  • In cases of hardship, the School will support parents/carers on a case by case basis
  • Where we have students with sensory or additional needs, we will work closely with parents/carers and students to be as accommodating and flexible as possible with regards to following the dress code
  • If there are any issues with your child adhering to the School dress code, please do not hesitate to contact the school for further assistance
  • In cases of non-compliance, our first response will be to educate and encourage pupils to comply. Where pupils are persistently non-compliant, sanctions may be applied by the school leadership and pastoral teams.

Where to Purchase

  • Bridge Street branded polo shirts can be purchased directly from Bridge Street School. This will be discussed as part of each pupil’s induction
  • Most major supermarkets in Derby such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys have a large selection of affordable school wear that meets Bridge Street School’s uniform requirements.