At The Bridge Street School we recognise that our students’ opinions, needs, concerns are important. The Bridge Street School is a whole community where everyone’s voice should be heard equally.

Regular Feedback

We informally and formally listen to our students on a regular, often daily, basis through key work time, lessons, social time and this interaction is fed back to other staff through Pastoral Lead Meetings, Middle Leader’s Meetings, School Meetings and Senior Leadership Meetings

Student Surveys

Student surveys on a variety of topics such as: Relationships and Sexual Health, Post 16 and Year 6 transition, Healthy Lifestyles etc. These surveys help us in planning delivery models, planning information sharing events, finding ways to support students etc.

Recruitment of Staff

Prospective members of staff meet a student panel trained by a member of staff. They feedback to the Senior Leadership Team and their views are carefully considered in the appointment of any new member of staff.

Formal Feedback

We also gain important feedback from students on matters that are important to them through termly Student Voice activities facilitated by the Pastoral Lead and key workers. These sessions offer valuable insights into the issues that matter to our students at the time and can help us tailor our policies and curriculum accordingly. We often use these sessions to ensure our policies are accessible and understandable to our students, as well as to plan initiatives and events for sharing information in the future.

Parent Feedback

Parent liaison and feedback is very important to the school and helps the school to formulate new policies, ways of working and interventions to support student progress. Parents have regular, often daily, feedback with key workers and are invited in to school to meet with school staff on a regular basis. Positive relationships with parents are vital to developing supportive networks for our students. School staff will ring parents to discuss progress, give positive feedback and discuss ways of working together. Many parents tell us that having positive feedback about their child is vitally important. The school also holds more traditional Parent/Carer’s Evenings and also regularly asks parents to take part in questionnaires to help the school to measure students’ progress, attitudes and ways to develop better ways of working together.