At Bridge Street School, we’re all about preparing our students with important life skills. Recently our Year 5 students recently got hands-on with basic first aid as part of their PSHE classes.

Guided by our resident First Aid trainer Amy Meakin, our students enthusiastically learned and practiced essential life-saving techniques. They covered everything from CPR to using a defibrillator and even mastered bandaging skills. It was impressive to see their dedication and maturity shine through during these sessions.

Seeing how eager they were to learn and understanding the importance of these skills was truly inspiring. They not only grasped the practical side of first aid but also realised how these skills could make a big difference in real-life situations. We’re confident that these experiences will not only enhance their academic journey but also instil in them a sense of compassion and readiness to help others in their communities.

We’re extremely proud of our Year 5 students for their hard work and dedication to learning these invaluable skills. Congratulations to them all!