At the Bridge Street School we offer an engaging curriculum designed to inspire and challenge our pupils to make outstanding progress in aspects of their life and learning.

Pupils will follow the National Curriculum but the approach will be enquiry and nurture based, with a strong emphasis on the development of social and emotional awareness, resilience and self-regulation.

Throughout the curriculum there is emphasis on building the resilience and independence of pupils with view to help them make better, more informed decisions about their future. Pupils who are ready/able to attend a mainstream school will undergo a short-term programme that focuses on preparing an appropriate mind-set to support re-integration into another mainstream school and mitigate against large gaps in learning and development. For pupils requiring longer term intervention or for those that are unable to return to mainstream the focus will be on re-engagement in education and rapidly identifying and bridging gaps in learning. Due to the atypical admission points and often historically disrupted learning, the curriculum offer is focused around giving pupils the personal, social and emotions skills, alongside subject knowledge they need for their next steps in education or employment. Most pupil follow a core curriculum pathway, with accredited qualifications being attained. The Nurture and Preparation for Independence pathways have been developed to enable a wide range of pupil need to be effectively met. All pathways lead to pupils achieving a range of qualifications to celebrate learning and provide a passport for progression.

Students with low levels of functional literacy will undergo a language and skills acquisition programme with TFEL trained teachers to rapidly build confidence and bridge language gaps. This prepares pupils for engagement in the schools other learning pathways. From here, students will continue their learning journey in a pathway with a more nurtured approach to learning, to or enter the core curriculum pathway.

Pathway Core/ Preparation for Post 16 Education Preparation for Independence Nurture Language Acquisition
Pupils Pupils able to cope with greater learning/social demands Pupils with large gaps in learning, learning anxiety, SEN needs not identified

Low literacy levels, SEN needs not been identified, learning anxiety

Pupils with low language acquisition/functional literacy
Statutory Content/Accredited Courses National Curriculum. GCSE/Level 2 qualifications National Curriculum. Entry level qualifications up to Level 2 including BTEC and ASDAN National Curriculum. Entry level qualifications up to Level 2 (shaped by individual needs of pupils) National Curriculum. Entry level qualifications.

In keystage 2 the curriculum aspires to be exciting, engaging and meaningful. Many of our pupils join us with significant gaps in learning and social skills meaning pupils are given the opportunity to build on previously taught skills. Through the curriculum we aim to promote positive attitudes to learning by focusing on the individual needs of our pupils. We aim to re-engage pupils and understand that fundamentally all pupils are unique.

The topic based approach aims to provide cross-curricular learning which meets the requirements of the National Curriculum but also aims to extend a world of opportunities and possibilities to our pupils. The curriculum is designed to provide a range of engaging and purposeful learning experiences which allows all pupils to grow as learners. We strongly believe that pupils learn best when experiences are first hand and lessons are delivered in a variety of ways to suit different learners. Skills, knowledge, attitudes and values are developed through the curriculum to enable our pupils to prepare for their next stage of learning. Embedded across all curriculum areas is the schools’ value of RESPECT.

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